During Study

Dispense, Package and Deliver Study Medication

  • Ensure study medications are used in accordance with national and state guidelines
  • Dispense medications pursuant to an Official New York State Prescription
  • Accept written, verbal, fax and electronic prescriptions
  • Ensure that study medications are only dispensed for the selected patients
  • Compound individual doses per protocol
  • Package and label patient-specific study medications
  • Unit dose or specialized packaging available
  • Transport of medications to study location (hospital, clinic, doctor's office)
  • Delivery also available to patient's residence

Counsel on Medication-Related Issues

  • Provide medication counseling to patients
  • Monitor and maintain medication adherence

Maintain Patient Log

  • Maintain drug accountability and patient-specific logs
  • Update regularly on drug dispensing information record

Adverse Reaction Monitoring

  • Monitor patients for adverse events
  • Ensure patient safety

Maintain Inventory Records

  • Document all processes and distribution of study medication
  • Store receipts for inventory include drug's name, dose, dosage form, strength, lot number and expiration date

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