Drug Information Response Center

In conjunction with the NY Medicaid Prescriber Education Program (NYSMPEP), the Drug Information Response Center (DIRC) was developed to fulfill the mission of assisting clinicians in delivering health care to their Medicaid patients.  

The goal of the DIRC is to provide timely, evidence-based information on pharmacotherapy to NY Medicaid prescribers by serving as a resource for NYPEP academic educators in their outreach to prescribers. Pharmacotherapy-related questions that may arise during or after prescriber visits are submitted by the academic educators to the DIRC. Evidence-based responses are prepared by DIRC staff and relayed back to the prescribers via the academic educators.

The DIRC also assists in the development and maintenance of educational modules for NYSMPEP and provides support to the DUR Program in disseminating the latest objective information about pharmaceuticals to Medicaid prescribers. The DIRC is staffed by cHOPE clinical pharmacists at UB SPPS. Services are provided via phone, fax, email and a public website. Selected prescriber questions with DIRC responses are posted on the NYPEP website.