Scientist Profiles


Brian Tsuji, PharmD

Brian completed his Doctor of Pharmacy in 2003 and then completed his fellowship in Dr. Michael Rybak's Laboratory in Detroit, MI.  He has been involved in anti-infective research for over a decade.  His research interests involve investigating of mechanisms of resistance in multi drug resistant bacteria and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling of antimicrobials to suppress the emergence of resistance. Brian's interest in antimicrobial resistance mechanisms involves the utilization of novel hollow fiber infection models and investigation of bacterial genetic factors which contribute to drug resistance.  Brian has published over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts, scientific abstracts or book chapters.

A. Forrest

Alan Forrest, PharmD

Alan completed his Doctor of Pharmacy in 1979 at USC and completed a fellowship in clinical pharmacology with the world-leading Dr. Roger Jeliffe Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics.  Alan's primary expertise is advanced system PK-PD analyses emphasizing infectious diseases.  Specifically, one of his major research these is adaptive feedback control and individualizing therapy using population PK-PD modeling and optimal study design.  Alan has published over 300 peer-reviewed manuscripts, scientific abstracts or book chapters.  He is also a special governmental employee as a consultant to the FDA.