SPPS Shared Equipment

Accudxa2 bone densitometry machine, utilizing dual-energy x-ray absorbitiometry (DEXA)

The Accudxa2 allows convenient measurement of bone density.  Contact Dr. Peter Brody for availability.

Microbiology International DG250 Anaerobic Workstation

The Microbiology International DG250 allows convenient manipulation of cultures of anaerobic bacteria.  Contact Dr. Joe Balthasar for availability.

nano lcms
Nano-LC/MS System

The Nano-LC/MS system supports the functionality of a state-of-the-art mass spectrometer, the Orbitrap Fusion, which  provides exceptional sensitivity, resolution and coverage for pharmaceutical/biological analysis and proteomics research.  Contact Dr. Jun Qu about availability.

NanoBrook Omni DLS/PALS

The NanoBrook Omni DLS/PALS allows rapid characterization of protein and nanoparticle size distributions and is located in 314 Kapoor. Contact Dr. Robert Straubinger for availability.

PerkinElmer DSC-4000

The PerkinElmer DSC-4000 assesses differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) to evaluate the relationship between a heat capacity and temperature. It identifies phase changes and glass transitions for pharmaceutical materials, including therapeutic proteins. It is located in 314 Kapoor. Contact Dr. Robert Straubinger for availability.

Spiral plater system and microplate washer

The MediaFill 440 and ELx405™ Select CW microplate washer allow rapid preparation of agar plates, and rapid processing of microplates, to facilitate high-throughput analysis of bacterial cultures. Please contact Dr. Brian Tsuji to inquire about the availability of these instruments.

SR7500DC Surface Plasmon Resonance System

The SR7500DC Surface Plasmon Resonance System is located in Kapoor 450. It assesses the kinetics of protein-protein interactions, including equilibrium affinity constants and microconstants of association and dissociation. Contact Dr. Joe Balthasar for availability.

BC rotor
Beckman Coulter SW55-Ti Rotor

The SW55-Ti rotor is used with an ultracentrifuge to run density gradients for particle separation. Specifically, the rotor facilitates the assessment of the encapsulation efficiency of therapeutic proteins within various dispersed systems. The rotor is stored in 357 Kapoor for use with the ultracentrifuge loacted in the shared equipment facility (314 Kapoor). Contact Dr. Sathy Balu-Iyer for availability.