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For High School Students - Early Assurance Program

Thank you for your interest in the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (UB SoPPS).


PharmD Overview

The doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) program is a four-year professional program, following a minimum of two or three years of undergraduate pre-pharmacy coursework. The PharmD is an entry-level professional degree that enables one to work as a pharmacist, interacting with patients and other health care practitioners for matters involving treatment by medications. It is not an undergraduate degree (such as a BS or BA) nor is it a graduate academic degree (such as an MS, MA, MBA, or PhD). Instead, it is a four-year graduate level professional program, similar to an MD, DDS, or JD degree. 


Pre-Pharmacy Overview

We welcome your interest in pre-pharmacy at UB.  Pre-pharmacy at UB is not a baccalaureate degree granting program; instead it is a pre-professional academic pathway similar to pre-medicine or pre-law. The program includes a set of courses that prepares students for admission to the professional doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) program following a minimum of two or three years of undergraduate pre-pharmacy coursework. To best prepare for our pre-pharmacy curriculum, high school students should take math courses and science courses including calculus, biology, chemistry, and physics. Our pre-pharmacy students benefit from many helpful opportunities including orientation, academic advising, and our pre-pharmacy student association.


Early Assurance Program Overview

As the most established training program in Western New York and a renowned center for education and groundbreaking research, admission to our PharmD program is competitive. Through the Early Assurance Program, qualified students are afforded entrance into our program without having to compete with over 800 annual applicants. UB SoPPS has offered this opportunity to students since 1998 and has consistently provided a well-rounded curriculum in preparation for entrance into our PharmD program.

High school students who enter UB as a freshman directly from high school have an opportunity to earn a PharmD degree through our prestigious Early Assurance (EA) Program. You must indicate pharmacy as your intended major either on your Freshman Application (or International Freshman Application). If accepted to UB as an undergraduate freshman pre-pharmacy student, you are automatically in our Early Assurance Program. There is no additional paperwork to complete as an accepted first semester freshman. Accepted freshmen may change their major to pharmacy before the end of their first semester at UB. You will be considered for the professional PharmD program in your sophomore year, regardless of whether you plan to complete the prerequisite coursework in two or three years of undergraduate study. Students are guaranteed an interview if they meet all program grade requirements and are able to complete all program prerequisite requirements by the end of the spring semester of their sophomore or junior year. Learn more about our Early Assurance Program Requirements. All other students who do not enter through EA are considered for the program using the PharmCAS application process.


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