Reaching Others
Special PharmD Programs

Dual/Collaborative Degrees

Unique dual/collaborative degrees are available to help our students gain personal and professional benefits. These programs allow students to complete two degrees in a shorter time than if the two degrees were obtained separately. Click on Dual/Collaborative Degrees Admissions for more information.

Clinical Research Program (CRP) and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Program (PSRP)

Students work one-on-one with a faculty member conducting a research project and complete a two month research rotation during their experiential (P4) year. Click on Special PharmD Programs for more information (UBITName required).

Scholars Program

The Scholars Program of the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is designed to identify students with demonstrated excellence in academic achievement having an interest in postgraduate training. This program provides mentorship to third and fourth professional year students in the areas of clinical practice, scholarship, and teaching so as to help mold the future leaders of our profession. In addition to the traditional PharmD program requirements, the Scholars Program student will participate in the mentoring and teaching activities during their third and/or fourth professional year. Click here for more information and application materials (UBIT and password required).


Current Scholars Program Students:

Rebecca Campbell, '15;  Elizabeth Dahl, '14; Kristen Fodero, '14; Aubrey Gawron, '14;  Wesley Kufel, '15; Julia Kuroski, '14; Christina Matthews, '14; Charlene Meyer, '15; Jennifer Murray, '15; Hanh Nguyen, '15; Jinhee Park, 15; Iffat Shafiq, 15; Karen Shin, '13; Brittany Slocum, '15; Betty Vu, '15; Danyan Yu, '14


Past Scholars Program Students:

Scott Coon, '13; Abigail Gregg, '13; Devin Holden, '13; Emily Krecko, '13; Michelle Mancuso, '13; Christine Trezza, '13