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Pharmaceutical Sciences Undergraduate Program Admissions

Thank you for choosing to apply to one of the first Pharmaceutical Sciences programs in the country! Graduates of these programs are well-prepared for positions within the pharmaceutical industry, sales, or graduate studies.


Prerequisite Courses and GPA

For more information about the pharmaceutical sciences minor program, contact Dr. Kathleen M.K. Boje, Director of Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Sciences Programs, at A minimum GPA of 2.00 in all prerequisite courses is required.


To be considered for admission to the undergraduate pharmaceutical sciences major program, applicants should have completed or be currently enrolled in the following courses:

  • College Calculus I & II (MTH 121 & 122 or MTH 141 & 142)


  • General Biology I & II with lab (BIO 200 and 201)
  • General Chemistry I & II with lab (CHE 101 & 102 or 103 & 104)
  • Organic Chemistry I & II with lab (CHE 201 & 202)
  • General Physics I & II (PHY 101 & 102 or PHY 107 & 108) - lab optional

Applicants with 2 missing prerequisites (except Organic Chemistry I and II) will be considered. Missing courses must be completed during the summer prior to the beginning of the senior year. Organic Chemistry I and II must be complete or in progress at the time of application. A minimum GPA of 2.50 in all prerequisite courses is required.


Admissions Selection

Admission is awarded on a competitive basis to qualified applicants. Fall admission only. Selection is based on scholastic achievement, which is judged from the college record and grade point average. UB does not have a policy that limits or favors current UB students, transfer or out-of-state applicants. All applicants are considered equally. UB SoPPS is committed to a nondiscriminatory admission policy and philosophy. In accordance with federal and state laws, no person, in whatever relationship with the University at Buffalo, shall be subject to discrimination on the basis of age, religion or creed, color, disability, national origin, race, ethnicity, sex, marital or veteran status.



If you are not currently enrolled at UB, first apply to Undergraduate Admissions or International Admissions. Then submit the Bachelor of Science Application (September 1st through March 15th) or contact Dr. Kathleen M.K. Boje for information about the minor program at



Pharmaceutical Sciences Undergraduate Admissions FAQs