Outstanding Teacher Awards

Congratulations to our 2018 Outstanding Teacher Award recipients!

Award Winners

Dr. Calvin Meaney, Dr. Irene Reilly and Dr. Ashley Woodruff

Calvin Meaney, PharmD '11, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Students said:

"Dr. Meaney, on a continuous basis, has nurtured our transition into pharmacy school by creating an innovative environment for learning and discovery of pathophysiology."

"Dr. Meaney is not just a teacher, he is a mentor, an advocate, an advisor and so much more to many students at UBSPPS."

Irene Reilly, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Students said:

"I believe Irene’s efforts and expertise have significantly raised the bar and resulted in a much more comprehensive and cohesive approach to teaching drug information in our doctor of pharmacy program."

"Dr. Reilly has continued to excel in her teaching in both the didactic and experiential setting, and serve as a model and mentor of our students and residents."

Ashley Woodruff, PharmD '09, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Students said:

"Her interest in getting to know students and residents as clinicians as well as beyond the classroom allows her to comment and advise in a uniquely profound manner. It is rare to find a professor who takes such a personal interest in her students’ successes."

"Ashley is the epitome of what an SPPS course coordinator should be."

Each spring , we recognize faculty members who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in teaching and mentoring.

Individuals are recognized for one or more of their efforts in:

  • Innovative course design, development, and implementation in the past five years
  • Improvement of existing courses on an ongoing basis
  • Enhancing student learning through activities inside and outside the classroom
  • Promoting student learning through the implementation of pedagogical and active learning
  • Participating and contributing to the school’s academic, advising and student activities


Nominations must be submitted via our online form, and include:

  • (1) How the nominee has demonstrated excellence, innovation and effectiveness in undergraduate, professional or graduate teaching/mentoring in the areas highlighted above, and
  • (2) In what teaching capacity these skills were directly observed by the nominator. 

The nominating letter must contain the nominator’s name and e-mail address.