Pharmacy Settings

Chain Pharmacy (4+ units) – Retail outpatient pharmacy setting as part of multiple stores owned by the same publicly traded company. I.e. CVS, Walgreen’s, etc

Clinic (outpatient) Pharmacy – Outpatient pharmacy setting providing patient centered care typically in collaboration with physicians and other healthcare providers.

College or School of Pharmacy (Academia) – Higher education institutions that are certified for providing pharmacy education.

Consultant Pharmacy – Pharmacy that aims to improve the use of medications and quality of care in various settings, including nursing home or facilities.

Federal/Military/Department of Defense pharmacy – Pharmacy practice geared towards veterans and military setting.

Hospital/Institutional (inpatient) Pharmacy – Hospital pharmacy focuses on the preparation, storage, dispensing, and distribution of medications within the hospital. There may also be clinical pharmacy practice in an inpatient setting.

Independent pharmacy (1-3 units) – Local independent pharmacy in a community. They typically have less than 4 store units, but may have more. They are independently owned and not affiliated with chain pharmacy. 

Long-Term Care Pharmacy – Pharmacies that serve to provide care to long-term care facilities such as nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and retirement homes.

Mail-Service Pharmacy – Provides medications for patients by delivering directly to the patient through the mail or shipping company.

Managed Care Pharmacy – An area of pharmacy that focuses on the prevention of overlap of treatment or services to minimize costs and improve efficiency of patient care.

Mass-Merchant Pharmacy – Pharmacy that focus on carrying medications in large quantity based on patient needs.

Nuclear pharmacy – Specialty area of pharmacy practice dedicated to the compounding and dispensing of radioactive materials for use in nuclear medicine procedures

Pharmaceutical industry – Pharmaceutical companies that focus on research, development, or production of medications.

Pharmacy Association/Regulatory – Pharmacy advocacy and legal regulatory affairs related to medical product development and regulation.

Residency/Fellowship/Post-graduate training – Advance pharmacy education, training, or research for pharmacists after receiving their PharmD degree. 

Supermarket pharmacy – Retail outpatient pharmacy located within a supermarket. (i.e. Tops, Price Chopper, etc.)