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In the fast-growing profession of pharmacy, services have expanded in various directions and standards for pharmacists are held to a higher level than ever before. 

According to a recent Gallup poll, 68% of American adults believe that pharmacists have very high honesty and ethical standards compared to other professionals. It is by this standard that pharmacists are growing the professional field producing additional career opportunities in various settings. Over the past several years, expansion of scope has held pharmacists to an even higher standard of knowledge. Prospective students are expected to know how these changes will impact their career prospects. Curriculum expansion has seen Doctor of Pharmacy students obtaining additional training or certification upon graduation. This includes vaccination and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) certificate training programs.

The Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum is designed to prepare students to pursue careers as a pharmacy professional. Continuous professional competence is an implied requirement for the prospective professional upon graduation. Therefore it is vital students are exposed to a method by which they may pursue their continuous professional development. For example, continuous professional competence is needed for newly licensed pharmacists in New York State who wish to participant on standing orders to deliver vaccinations. Information in this field changes on a daily basis thus requiring additional training and knowledge. Additional reading for any health professional is essential for individuals to keep up with the most recent current health-related events in the field, such as new drug developments or seasonal influenza updates Having a reading regimen may provide students the opportunity to be exposed to the various pharmacy topics as needed by a prospective professional.

Reading Regimen Algorithm Tool

Please click the button below to access the Reading Regimen tool. You will be asked to select up to 5 choices for each category: pharmacy settings, pharmacy career attributes, and professional pharmacy organizations. After your selection, you will receive a list of recommended readings based on your interests. There will be links to direct access of your customized periodicals to find more information. Some periodically may have membership restrictions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to review additional resources below, or contact Dr. Chris Daly or Hao-Min Chang directly for more information.

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Student Spotlight: April - May 2017


Jonathan You
P4 Student

I have interests in pharmacy informatics and clinical pharmacy. Due to being a contributor of a Facebook page called TodayInPharmacy, I try to read a lot. I found the reading regimen tool to be very easy to use and offers a wide array of journals and online magazines for me to read. My daily reading regimen starts with reading email subscriptions in the morning from NEJM Journal Watch, STAT NEWS, CDER of the FDA, MDLinx, ASHP Daily Briefing, MedPage Today, BioPharma Dive, and APhA’s Pharmacy Today. I also subscribe to FDA Medwatch for the latest FDA warning alerts.

With regards to reading actual journal articles, I use an RSS feed compiler to capture newly published articles from several well-known journals, such as, JAMA, NEJM, The Lancet, and The BMJ. I usually peruse these articles in the evening or when I have free time. Once a week I read a blog called Richard Lehman’s weekly review of medical journals once a week to get an understanding of how to read articles critically.

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