Information for New Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Students


Congratulations! We are looking forward to you joining our UB community of scholars. UB stands in the front rank among the nation’s research-intensive public universities and remains one of the most affordable public universities in the country. This overview will help you understand how to navigate the process of successfully getting started at UB. If we can help in any way, please contact the Office of Admissions and Advisement by email or phone at 716-645-2825 (Option #2).

Next Steps for New Students

Step 1: International students or permanent residents - supply additional items

International Students

Please upload the following items to the UB Online Graduate Application.
1. Passport biographical page - Scan a copy of the page from your passport that includes your name, citizenship and date of birth.
2. Financial form - Complete the financial form with the person(s) who will be paying your tuition. NOT REQUIRED OF PHD APPLICANTS.
3. Bank statement - Provide a bank statement showing that you and your sponsor(s) have enough money to pay your first year’s total costs. See International Cost of Attendance. NOT REQUIRED OF PHD APPLICANTS.
4. Current US Immigration documents - If you are already in the US on a visa, provide copies of your current immigration documents. These may include your current I-20, visa, receipt/approval notice from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or any legal documents pertaining to your immigration status.
5. Check permanent address - as per SEVIS regulations, we must have a permanent address outside of the US in order to issue an I-20. Please be sure to check/update the permanent address on your application.

*Requested documents must be uploaded to the UB Online Graduate Application as instructed. All items must be submitted electronically. Please do not send any mail, unless instructed to do so.

Permanent Residents

If you are a permanent resident, you must submit a Permanent Residency Verification Form, along with proof of permanent residency (copy of Permanent Resident Card, also known as a Green Card). Only accepted students entering the upcoming academic year must submit the form. In addition, permanent residents who are admitted into a graduate program at UB and who have obtained their degree from a foreign institution will be required to submit original and transcribed official transcripts and official proof of degree (may be presented in person at International Admissions and returned to student).

Step 2: Send official transcripts

All students must have official transcripts containing grades for all courses completed at all institutions other than UB sent directly to UB SPPS (270 Kapoor Hall, Buffalo, New York 14214-8033, USA). If you are currently taking classes and/or plan to take classes in the spring or summer, please wait for your grades to post on your transcript before sending your final transcript.

International Student Transcripts

You do not need to provide your transcripts at this time. You may be asked to hand-deliver them to the Office of International Admissions during International Student Orientation in late August.

Step 3: Provide us with proof of your immunizations

Students must provide proof of immunity against measles, mumps and rubella. The state also requires that all students receive information about meningococcal disease and have made an informed decision about whether or not to receive immunization against meningococcal disease. UB students will not be allowed to register for classes until they have fulfilled these requirements. Click here to learn more about these requirements.

Students will have a Service Indicator (hold) on their account until satisfying these requirements, which will prevent registration.

Graduate Student Health Insurance

If you have an assistantship, please visit Human Resources - Medical Benefits for information regarding:

  • Health insurance eligibility for state graduate student employees
  • Bi-weekly cost of health insurance
  • Registration for a mandatory Student Employee Health Insurance Program (SEHP) orientation and enrollment session

All others should read about student health insurance at the SBI Insurance website.

Step 4: Mark your calendars for orientation

Orientation is mandatory for all incoming graduate students. Orientation will be held the Thursday before fall classes start.  

Please be sure you dress professionally in conservative business attire. For men: Dress shirt, tie and dress pants; neatly pressed, nothing flashy. Suits are optional but are preferred. Shoes cleaned and shined. Hair, moustaches, and beards should be neatly groomed; tattoos and body piercings must be fully hidden. For women: Dress blouse, skirt or dress pants; neatly pressed, nothing flashy. Suits are optional but are preferred. Shoes cleaned and shined. Hair should be neatly groomed; tattoos and body piercings must be fully hidden.

International students must also attend International Graduate Student Orientation. You will need a UB Person Number to register for the event, which will be emailed to you after International Admissions receives and processes all required documents. Continuing UB international students are not required to attend. Sessions include Bank Accounts in the U.S., Bill Payment, NYS Driver's Licenses & Car Registration, Your Health Insurance and more. Canadian transfer students are only required to attend the I-20 immigration session, however all students are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible.

Step 5: Let us know if you're getting the flu vaccine here

Please submit the SPPS Flu Immunization Information Form.

Through an exciting, inter-professional partnership with UB SPPS Faculty, UB School of Nursing, and Middleport Family Health Center (MFHC), we are pleased to offer you an opportunity to receive your flu shot on during Orientation. The flu immunization is optional for Pharmaceutical Sciences students (required for PharmD).

Form and insurance information are due by August 15th.

Step 6: Join the UB community

MyUB is a one-stop online destination, where you can access the hUB Student Center and find the latest news and events. Once you have your UBITName, Person Number and One-Time Password, you can activate your UBITName account. If you are returning to UB and do not remember your password, contact the CIT Help Desk. Shortly after you receive an offer of admission, you will be emailed instructions.

Visit UBIT to learn more about your UBmail. We utilize UBmail for all official UB correspondence. If you do not wish to use your UB account, please read the directions on having your email forwarded to another account.

International Credentials

You will receive your UB Person number 72 hours after the Office of International Admissions has verified your application materials. This may happen days or weeks after you have been accepted by our department. Your One-Time Use Password will not be issued until you arrive on campus for orientation. This is also when you will register for classes.

Step 7: Accept our rules and regulations

Acknowledge receipt of and affirm our UB Rules and Regulations. You may do this by logging on to the hUB Student Center through MyUB and reviewing your Holds box. Click on the Rules Hold to see the affirmation screen, where you can view and affirm the Rules and Regulations. Also, review our Graduate School Policies and Procedures.

Step 8: Complete the online education requirement

You must pass "Haven Plus - Understanding Sexual Assault," an online education requirement, in addition to coursework for your field of study. Haven Plus is available on the Wellness Education Services website.

Step 9: Course registration

We will register all students for PHC 613 Pharmaceutics Seminar and PHC 615 Pharmaceutical Sciences Research. You will meet with your advisor when you arrive on campus to discuss additional course options. You will not be able to register if you have a hold on your account. To view your holds, log on to MyUB to access your HUB Student Center. International students will register after attending International Graduate Student Orientation. In order to become familiar with UB’s student system (HUB) please visit the Hub Student Center and see UB's Web Registration Tutorial.  

Notes about future registration:
- Students may not be on a leave in the semester immediately preceding degree conferral.
- Students must be registered in their graduate career each semester they are in the program. Under some circumstances, the continuous registration requirement may be waived for the semester immediately prior to degree conferral if the student has an approved ATC on file in the Grad School, will not be using any University services or faculty time, and has submitted all required conferral materials to the Grad School prior to the first day of the semester.   

International Student Registration

You will be eligible to register for classes during International Student Orientation once you have completed important immigration processing. Canadian transfer students are only required to attend the I-20 immigration session, however all students are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible.

Step 10: Get your UB Card and parking permit

UB Card

Once you are registered for classes, you can get your UB Card. Your UB Card is your official University at Buffalo ID and is used across campus. The UB Card office is located in 104 Harriman Hall on South Campus and 228 Student Union on North Campus.

Parking Permit

Parking permits are included in the transportation fee. There is no additional cost to students. If you register before the end of July, your permit will be mailed to you. Or, you may apply in person at any Parking and Transportation Services Office, located in 102 Spaulding Quad in the Ellicott Complex on the North Campus.  

Step 11: Billing and financial aid


  • Login to MyUB for billing, financial aid and course registration transactions. Note: international students will obtain access to MyUB at International Student Orientation.
  • Tuition e-bill notifications will be e-mailed to your account.

Financial Aid

For more information see Types of Aid Available, or call 716-645-8232 or email

Review this important document to learn about the Financial Aid office, FASFA, determining your budget, and loan options. We offer walk-in appointments at 1Diefendorf on South Campus or 1Capen on North Campus.

Financial Aid Links:

Step 12: Find housing

There are many choices for student housing, both on-campus and off-campus. From newly built on-campus housing specifically for graduate students to off-campus options both urban and suburban, UB and the Buffalo region is a great place to immerse yourself in learning. 

On-Campus Housing
The University Residence Halls and Apartments begin accepting apartment applications mid-January. Priority is given to UB students who apply early and have lived the longest on campus. All other applications will be assigned based on the date and time the application is received. Any requests for roommates or specific village/complex should be done at the time of application. Requests are honored based on availability. Please be aware that there is a $25 non-refundable application fee. Also, a security deposit and the ability to complete a W-9 or W8Ben tax form will be required to secure an apartment. To learn more about on-campus housing information, visit Campus Living. Note: apartments are located on North Campus (we are on South, which is approximately 5 miles away).

Off-Campus Housing
Many of our students find off-campus housing. Students rent houses with roommates, reside in villages such as Collegiate Village, or find other apartments in the surrounding South Campus area. Be sure to join our class Facebook page to find other pharmacy students who are searching for housing.

Step 13: Review important links