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Student Ambassador Profiles

Our current students offer advice to our incoming students:

"Our school partners with the medical and nursing schools to offer a variety of mission trips every year to countries like the Dominican Republic. This trip was a life-changing experience for me both professionally and personally."
"Finding mentors to help guide you in pharmacy school helps a tremendous amount and opens doors to opportunities in research and presentations."
"Getting involved and seeking leadership positions will make you stand out among your peers and, more importantly, among employers."
"I highly recommend you reach out to a professor or apply to the research program that aligns most with your interests to get exposure and experience to research."
"Everyone is going through the same classes, so forming study groups can really help you to better understand the material from class."
"You can learn so much more when you apply your knowledge outside of the classroom."
"Our professors are always willing to give students extra one-on-one time if they need it."
"Our facilities, alongside advanced teaching technologies, have given me realistic experiences and have prepared me to provide advanced levels of patient care."
"Whether you're walking down the hall, waiting in the Tim Horton's line or doing some late night studying, you will always see a friendly face."
"While in pharmacy school you want to build a strong network that can be beneficial to you in the future."
I am a second-year professional student (P2) in UB’s prestigious PharmD program. A few years ago I was where you are now, wondering what pharmacy school was really going to be like. There is a lot to look forward to and, based on my personal experience, here are three distinctive aspects of UB’s program that have allowed me to be successful:
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