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Alumni Mentor Profiles

"I took advantage of relationships available through internship and practice setting rotations with alumni that made a difference in my seeing the paths I could take for my career upon graduation."
"You will have the training, knowledge and ability to help heal people who have serious illnesses. This duty is a privilege and an honor."
"Use your classmates to help get through exams, learn through their internship experiences and for camaraderie!"
"The whole world is open to you and you can change your goals and specialties almost anytime."
"UB SPPS gives students many opportunities to develop strong mentor-mentee relationships that can help the student develop into a reputable professional upon graduation."
"Do at least one of your APPEs outside of Western New York, if you can, and choose one that is completely outside of your comfort zone."
"There is so much to be learned and gained by jumping in and doing new things!"

Become a Mentor!

For more information on becoming a Dean's Alumni Ambassador Mentor, please contact:

Jennifer Rosenberg, Associate Dean for Admissions

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