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Pharmacy student organizations

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Important Notes

  • Professional fraternities usually require an application and a waiting period during which a candidate must prove worthy of being accepted. This time period may last from two to several weeks, but in no case shall last beyond October 31 of each academic year. 
  • Professional fraternities may not haze but offer to the student an avenue for personal and professional growth. See policy against hazing on Behavior Policies.
  • Students who fall below a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 may not serve in any elective or appointed leadership position in School, Social, Honorary or Professional organizations until the cumulative grade point average is above this level. See Curricular Policy on Outside Activities
  • Please also see documents and links to national organizations on ACPE resources.

PharmD Class Officers

Class of 2018

President: Anthony Degelorm
Vice-President: Britni Chehovich
Treasurer: Brendan Begnoche
Curriculum Coordinator: Hao-Min Chang

Class of 2019

President: Richard Moore
Vice President: Chung Chen
Treasurer: Husain Ahmed
Course Coordinator: Deon Edionwe

Class of 2020

President: Marissa Guszkowski
Vice-President: Gregory Statt
Treasurer: Jessica Swiderek
Course Coordinator: Matthew Poremba

Class of 2021

President: Kathryn Gentz
Vice President: Habib Rahman
Treasurer: Dhavani Shah
Course Coordinator: Denis Vanini

School of Pharmacy Student Association (SPSA)

Main governing body for all PharmD organizations.

President: Joseph Santini
Vice-President: Nicole Wilcox
Co-treasurers: Amanda Naraine and Bryan Quinn
Secretary: Elizabeth Patt
Senators: Michael Austin, Kira Voyer, Jared Gilbert and Melissa Dhanraj
Faculty Advisor: Karl D. Fiebelkorn, Senior Associate Dean

Student Organizations:

Student Organizations

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy – Student Chapter (AMCP)

The AMCP student chapter at UB was formed in 2011 to facilitate the education, development, and promotion of the principles and practices of managed care pharmacy.  There are over 18,000 pharmacists working for health plans and pharmacy benefit management companies.  It’s their responsibility to make sure that the plan they design provides individual patients with appropriate drugs and drug therapies, conveniently and cost-effectively.  It’s a complex job, involving the expert skills of clinically trained pharmacists at every step in the patient-care process.  As with pharmacists who practice in other settings, pharmacists in managed care environments are committed to ensuring that medications are used appropriately to improve patient’s health. When you join, AMCP will help you navigate the world of managed care pharmacy, build a professional network, and explore career paths!

President: Donald Singh
Vice-President: Melissa McGowan
Treasurer: Syed Samad
Secretary: Colleen McKinney
Historian: Parul Mital
Student Diplomat: Jenny Qiu
Student Diplomat: Kory Zelen
P&T Coordinator: Gabriel Castellanos
P3 Liaison: Dian Lin
P2 Liaison: Jean Tian
P1 Liaisons: Lydia Deinhart & Andrey Polukhin

APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP)

The APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) is a division of the American Pharmaceutical Association. Its purpose is to foster the professional development of students. This organization sponsors a number of programs including the Poison Prevention Program aimed at pre-school and early grade school children, the Drug Abuse Awareness Program for grade school and high school students, a hypertension screening program, "brown bag counseling", Big Brother/Big Sister program, etc.

President: Megan O’Connor
President Elect: Johanna Sulesky
Communications VP: Joon Seo Youk
Professionalism VP: Stephanie Lanza
Interprofessional VP: Jennifer Kahi
Membership VP: Emilee Yang
Policy VP: Rachael Luconte
Secretary: Cui Ling Zhang
Finance VP: Amy Drzewiecki
International VP: Rachel Klosko
GenRx Co-Chairs: Luke Hoffman, Renae Gozelski
OD Co-Chairs: Mercedes Siu, Eric Scott
OH Co-Chairs: Christy Cheruvil, Nick Palisano
OI Co-Chairs: Ellen Kang, Sarah Pawlak
OTC MS Co-Chairs: Gigi Yam, Brenna Gallivan

International Pharmaceutical Student Federation (IPSF), a component of APhA

IPSF Secretary: Emma Gargala
IPSF Treasurer: Syed Samsad
IPSF Outreach Coordinator: Jennifer Aguilar
IPSF Health Campaign Coordinator: Stacie Yi

Our purpose is to serve its membership, the pharmaceutical sciences, the biomedical and biotechnological community, the health professions, and the interest of public health. This is accomplished by providing open forums for the exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge by fostering the education and career growth of members and recognizing individual achievement; by influencing the formation of public policy relevant to health and related issues of public concern and, by promoting the pharmaceutical sciences as they relate to health issues of public concern.


Chair: Ryan Polli
Vice-Chair: Jin Niu
Secretary: Yujie Yang
Treasurer: Robert Jones

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists – Student Chapter (ASCP)

ASCP is an organization that seeks to promote the role of the consultant pharmacist as a health-care specialist. The student branch of the New York State chapter of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists was formed in the spring of 1997. The branch functions as a student arm of the state organization and offers opportunities for students interested in consultant pharmacy.

President: Richard Moore
President-Elect: Mary Hejna
Vice President: Madalyn Rossi
Treasurer: Kristin Markiewicz
Secretary: Jessica Mason

American Society of Health-System Pharmacy – UB Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (SSHP)

SSHP is an organization that promotes active student membership in local, state and national health-system organizations, stimulates student interest in health-system pharmacy / academia careers, encourages students to pursue post-graduate residency training, and facilitates career development and professionalism among students.

President: Courtney Skriptshak
President-elect: Frencina Monteiro
Treasurer: Dian Lin
Secretary: Nicole Petrella
Director of Communications: Krishna Daiya
Policy Chair: Tyler Bedard

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International – Student Chapter

The CPFI Student chapter at UB was formed in December of 2009 to provide fellowship among like-minded professionals in the health-care and medicinal sciences. We hope to challenge and promote spiritual growth centered on Jesus Christ by integrating faith into the professional and personal lives of pharmacists and students.

President: Peter Okorozo
President Elect: Hubert Chua
Treasurer: Christ Ange Katche
Secretary: Sneha Monzy
Events & Outreach Coordinator: Paula Oruh

College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists - Student Chapter

Members of the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) work directly with patients and caregivers to apply specialized clinical knowledge and skills, educate and train healthcare professionals, and develop new knowledge in order to improve health outcomes for those individuals with psychiatric disorders, including substance use and neurologic disorders. Members apply evidence-based, cost-efficient best practices as a member of a treatment team to achieve patient recovery and improved quality of life.

President: Brittany Banks
Vice President: Zachery McAtee
Treasurer: Christopher Banker
Secretary: Madeline Garvin

Dean's Student Ambassadors (DSA's)

Dean’s Student Ambassadors are a voluntary public relations organization of students who assist in the promotion of the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to prospective students, their families, alumni, preceptors, and the University and external communities. DSA's may login to the DSA Webpage for additional information.

Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO)

The Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) believes that pharmacists' scientific training, medication expertise, clinical acumen, patient focus and experience as healthcare providers make us ideally suited for a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists play a key role in professional organizations by making valuable contributions to drug development and optimal medication utilization. IPhO works with its members to advocate for advancing industry-based pharmacists to leadership positions by increasing awareness and recognition among employers, senior management, colleagues, thought leaders, educators and students of what pharmacists have to offer.

President: Jess Greger
Vice President: Jake Kinley
Treasurer: Henry Wilson
Secretary: Kyle George
Director of Communications: Kory Zelen

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) – Student Chapter

The National Community Pharmacists Association represents the interests of pharmacists who practice in independently owned pharmacies. The student chapter promotes the educational and practice interests of students interested in community pharmacy practice in the independent pharmacy setting.

President: Kevin Lavery
Vice President: Joshua Lennon
Treasurer: Kaitlin Scott
Secretary: Emma Gargala
Community Chair: Reann Sponable
Legislative Chair: Husain Ahmed

Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Committee (PPAG)

President: Kimberly Gomes
President-Elect: Shani Thomas
Vice President: Jennifer Aguilar
Treasurer: Jenny Chan
Secretary: Sneha Monzy

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Student Association (P-GSA) provides a voice for pharmaceutical sciences graduate students. The Pharmaceutical Sciences GSA organizes student activities and provides information concerning departmental and university-wide happenings to make your experience at UB more enjoyable. One of the important activities we sponsor is the “Alumni Symposium” where a PharmSci alumnus is invited to provide current graduate students with insights into the pharmaceutical industry, FDA, or Academia. P-GSA also sponsors annual events such as ice skating, pumpkin carving, and bowling.


President: Vika Nguyen
Vice President: Robert Dingman
Treasurer: Peter Bloomingdale
Secretary: Joy Gong
Senator: David Beaman
Senator Alternate:  Hsuan Ping Chang

Pharmacists Society of the State of New York (SPSSNY)

SPSSNY is the student chapter of PSSNY – Pharmacists Society of the State of New York. The aim of this Society shall be to unite the pharmacists of the State for mutual assistance, encouragement, and improvement in order to maintain the standard of pharmacy practice at a high professional and ethical level.

President: Lukas Brightman
Vice President: Brittany Len
President Elect: Ali Oddi
Treasurer: Michael Austin
Secretary: Iliana Cypes
Faculty Advisor: Karl D. Fiebelkorn, Senior Associate Dean

Pharmacists Association of Western New York (SPAWNY)

SPAWNY is an organization of students of pharmacy dedicated to the advancement of the profession of pharmacy. Increased membership and leadership resources, proactive political action, comprehensive community outreach, enhancement of student skills and education and networking with community practitioners will provide a solid foundation that promotes the contemporary concepts of pharmaceutical care. SPAWNY will encourage the development of student abilities to enter the profession of pharmacy upon graduation. Members are represented at the annual Pharmacy Day in Albany to advocate progressive legislation and regulation that supports public health.

President:  Brittany Len
Vice President: Lukas Brightman
Treasurer: Michale Austin
Secretary: Ali Oddi
Membership Chair: Stephanie Krafft
P-1 Liaisons: Kira Voyer and Caitlin Grimm
P-3 Liaison: Kevin Lavery
Director of Community Outreach: Anna Augostini 

Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Society – Student Chapter

The purpose of the society is the encouragement, recognition and promotion of leadership in pharmacy. Members are selected by peer recognition. Eligibility for membership includes high moral and ethical character, a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher, and successful completion of first professional year.

President: Meghan O'Connor
Vice-President: Rachael Cardinal
Secretary: Chung Chen
Treasurer: Howie Chang
Faculty Advisors: Robert Wahler and Calvin Meaney

The Pre-Pharmacy Club at UB welcomes all students who are interested in pursuing a career in the pharmacy profession.

The Rho Chi Society is a national pharmacy honor society. On the basis of their academic standing (top 20% of their class), students may be invited to membership in their P-2 year in the School. A major purpose of Rho Chi is to promote high scholarship in pharmacy.

President: Patrick McGrath
Vice President: Anil Melathe
Secretary: Nicole Petrella
Historian: Jenny Chan
Treasurer: Cody Racha

Pharmaceutical Student Association – Student Chapter (PSA)

The Pharmacy Student Association represents the student body and sponsors social functions. It is comprised of the class officers and officers of the other student organizations.

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy (SCCP)

The purpose of SCCP is to increase student awareness in the area of clinical pharmacy by providing information about opportunities and careers within the field. The organization promotes the development of leadership and other skills necessary to perform duties required by a clinical pharmacist as a member of a multi-disciplinary team, encouraging excellence in patient care, research and education.

President: Shahrier Hossain
President Elect: Mason Chan
Secretary: Kaitlin McCadden
Treasurer: Christy Cheruvil
P2 Liaison: David Pegado
P2 Liaison: Atul Dilawri
P3 Liaison: Rachel Klosko
P3 Liaison: Jessica Greger
Fundraising Chair: Cody Racha

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPHA)

The Student National Pharmaceutical Association is an educational and service association of students who are concerned about pharmacy issues, professional development, and the lack of minority representation in pharmacy and other health-related professions.

President: Jenny Qiu
President-elect: Melanie Nguyen
Vice President: Anil Melathe
Treasurer: Samuel Tan
Secretary: Monica Lee
Historian: Emilee Yang
Fundraising Chair: Kate Zarudna
Service Chair: Gurjot Sandhu
Social Chair: Amanda Ye

UB International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF)

The UB International Pharmaceutical Students Federation is an organization focused on outreach initiatives to underserved populations on the local, national, and international level. The organization is responsible for organizing annual international medical mission trips, annual medical mission trips to areas within the United States, and local outreach in the Western New York area throughout the year. Students also have the opportunity to attend the annual Global Missions Health Conference in November.

President: Julia Powers
President-elect: Rachel Klosko
Treasurer: Kaitlin Landolf
Secretary: Alyssa Nobel
Domestic Outreach Chair: Jennifer Aguilar
Faculty Advisor: Gina Prescott

Fraternities: Governed by the UB Greek

Lambda Kappa Sigma

Lambda Kappa Sigma is an International Professional Pharmacy Fraternity whose mission is to promote the profession of pharmacy among women and advance women within the profession by developing its members as individuals and leaders through the support of fellow members, while encouraging a high standard of professional ethics and scholarship.

President: Chung Chen
Vice President: Jared Cram
Treasurer: Arthur Chan
Internal Secretary: Grace Zhang
External Secretary: Monica Lee
Membership Coordinator: Amanda Ye
Service Chair: Mason Chan
Fundraising Chair: David Pegado
Social Chair: Edward Lee
Historian: Lisa Li
IT Coordinator: Ebne Rafi

Other Student Groups

SCRIPT: Student Digital Newspaper

The Script is a publication written for and by pharmacy students. It includes pharmacy-related news, editorials, and humor. The Script provides a way for pharmacy students to have a voice that could be instrumental to improving the program by bringing student concerns to the attention of relevant faculty members, as well as other students.

SIGNA: Student Digital Yearbook

The graduating class publishes SIGNA, the School’s Yearbook. The SIGNA is an exciting record of student experiences here at the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences.

President: Dian Lin
President-Elect: Hannah Lu
Vice President: Jasmine Nurse
Treasurer: Anil Melathe
Business and Technology Solutions Director: Shahrier Hossain
Secretary: Nabila Ismail
P3 Liaison: Tony Chan
P2 Liaison: Elaine Shao

The Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Alumni Association promotes the professions of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences through a number of School activities.  The Association sponsors many outreach events including annual reunion events, receptions and social events at professional meetings as well as the P4 Farewell Celebration.  The Association generously supports many student activities such as Career Pathways, exam breakfasts/lunches, and other outreach programs.  It also awards grants to students in financial need.