SPSA hosts spring networking event

Published March 17, 2017

On March 9, 2017, the School of Pharmacy Student Association (SPSA) held its annual Spring Networking Event at the Foundry Suites in Buffalo.

Over 50 students attended to speak with professional pharmacists from around Western New York and to create connections in the pharmacy field.

Thank you to all of the pharmacists who particpated:

  • Nicole Albanese, clinical assistant professor, pharmacy practice
  • Christopher Barry, Rochester Drug Cooperative
  • Edward Bednarczyk, '84, department chair and clinical associate professor, pharmacy practice
  • Frank Bogardus, Rite Aid
  • Al Emmans, Rochester Drug Cooperative
  • Karl Fiebelkorn, '78, senior associate dean for student, professional and community affairs
  • Tina Fiebelkorn, '79, preceptor
  • Nick Ladziak, '15, Buffalo Medical Group resident
  • Kyle Mack, '11, Phillips Lytle
  • Alfonse Muto, '08, Pine Pharmacy
  • David Pysz, '76, Buffalo Pharmacy Institutional
  • Caitlin Willis, '15, Buffalo Medical Group
  • George Zhushma, Rite Aid