Why UB?

"For me, UB Pharmacy was an easy choice. The early assurance program provided a streamlined path for me to attain my degree."
"I chose UB Pharmacy because of its reputation of being a prestigious and rigorous program that would help me become the person and professional I aspire to be."
"I chose UB Pharmacy because I wanted a program that would provide a top-notch education and provide me with access to every avenue of the pharmacy profession."
"I chose UB Pharmacy because of its reputation of graduating pharmacy leaders and faculty."
"I chose UB Pharmacy to pursue my career path because of the wide variety of opportunities the school has to offer."
"I chose UB Pharmacy for superior academics, community contributions and to graduate as a leader in Western New York healthcare."
"I chose UB for pharmacy school because of the early assurance program that is offered. This helped me save money on extra years of tuition and allowed me to achieve my goals quicker."