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PharmD Advising

Academic advisement is an ongoing, consistent, deliberate process that intentionally fosters student growth and development in order to empower students as they become independent, self-confident decision-makers. Advisors take a student-centered approach, assisting students in the attainment of their educational goals.

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Advisors and Mentors

Faculty Advisors: All UB SPPS students are matched with a faculty advisor when they enter the program. It is required that you meet with your advisor at least once a semester. You may also seek advice and mentorship from any other faculty member as well. 

Alumni Mentors: We pair interested students with an alumni “guide” called a Dean's Alumni Ambassador (DAA) Mentor. Your DAA Mentor would be chosen for you based on your interests from a cadre of alumni who have enthusiastically demonstrated an interest in working with UB SPPS in this capacity. The primary goal of a DAA Mentor is to introduce our current pharmacy students to professional career opportunities under the guidance of our graduates working in a variety of practice and business settings. In addition, this program provides students the opportunity to develop relationships with practicing pharmacy professionals. See Mentoring and contact Jennifer Rosenberg, Associate Dean, for more information.

Student Peer Mentors: Dean's Student Ambassador Peer Mentors are available to chat with prospective and current students. Consider this a great complement to meeting with your academic advisor or mentor.

Advisement Tools

The University at Buffalo and the SPPS Admissions and Advisement Office have developed the following tools to assist you in understanding your progress and help you develop an academic plan.

Academic Plan

Advisors can help students create an academic plan including some outside of the classroom learning activities. During each semester, consider the degree requirements (see curriculum and requirements) you need to complete AND one or two topics to expand your reach - for example: how to get started on research, how you can become involved in a student organization, or is a dual/collaborative degree right for your career path?

Course Schedules and Registration

Students must complete all required courses on their block schedules and complete eight elective credits prior to the start of the P4 year. Your advisors can help you determine which electives options might be best for you.

Our office will register new first-year professional students. After the first semester, you will be responsible for registering yourself. See UB's Web Registration Tutorial.

Student Support

The University at Buffalo and the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences offers support to help students succeed.

Time Management

Time management involves goal setting, organizing, planning, conserving time and resources, and maintaining peak efficiency. Advisors will encourage you to:

  • Have a planner/calendar
  • Break up the material into chunks
  • Prioritize and use peak periods of concentration
  • Study and review material each day - do not wait to cram material before an exam

See also UB Counseling Services - Stress Management and Prevention.

Learning Styles

Identify your learning style to succeed academically. Studying might be best accomplished by doing so in different ways, including in groups and by putting material into a form they can best absorb. It may be useful for students to take a learning style assessment to determine how they might alter study material to study more effectively. 

Career Resources

Advising is more than just academic support – it’s also about career advisement and you should meet their advisor even if you are not having academic (or personal) issues. Students need to begin thinking about their career path as soon as they start the program. Talk with your advisor about how to best prepare yourself to make you a competitive candidate for postgraduate opportunities and jobs.

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