Assessment of an Academic and Career Advisement Program to Evaluate Program Satisfaction and Services Utilized


Karl Fiebelkorn, MBA, RPh; Christine Stumm, MS; Jaime Maerten-Rivera, PhD; Fred Doloresco, PharmD, MS; Jennifer Rosenberg, PhD


A newly developed, multifaceted advisement program was implemented with students in the class of 2019. The program consisted of an informal “Meet Your Advisor Luncheon,” required faculty advisement sessions, an Alumni Ambassador Program, weekly “All School” conferences, and other events and activities. The program was assessed by evaluating participation in activities along with perceptions of the activities, and comparing the results to students in the class of 2018.


A survey was administered to students in the class of 2018 (n=117) and 2019 (n=114) to evaluate the types of activities utilized, along with perceptions of these activities. In addition, a faculty survey was administered to assess faculty advisor perceptions of the program.


Students in the class of 2019 were less likely to report receiving no advising (2%) than those in the class of 2018 (19%). In addition, students in the class of 2019 had a higher participation rate in most of the other activities (Dean’s Alumni Ambassador Mentor Program, Pharmacy Career Day, networking events). Most faculty (86%) agreed that advising was rewarding, were aware of the various resources available through the program (83%), and were comfortable helping students identify career interests (94%), fewer (57%) felt that students played an active role when meeting for advisement.


A multifaceted approach to advisement, which includes individual faculty advisement, alumni mentoring, networking events, and student tutoring can be successful in increasing the participation in academic and career advisement activities. Both students and faculty were generally satisfied with the program.