Co-Curricular Requirements

Program Year Completed via UB SPPS Required Activities Minimum Elective Co-Curricular Activities Total Elective and Required Co-Curricular Activities
P1 7 0 7
P2 5 2 7
P3 5 2 7
Category Purpose Types of Activities P1 P2 P3
1. Professional Education

* Network with local pharmacists

* Be "role modeled" on learning as a professional

* Experience out‐of‐the classroom structured education

* UB Professional Networking event

* Organizational Speakers Series

* CE lectures (must Be ACPE accredited)

* Must be live and in‐person

* Professional conferences (state or national)

* Must be live and in‐person

* Optional educational All Schools (see list annually)

Required (4)

* UB Professional Networking event

* Attend a professional organization meeting

* IPE Modules

* Career Day

Required (3)

* Attend a professional organization meeting

* IPE Day

* IPE Simulations

Required (4)

* Attend a professional organization meeting

* IPE Day

* IPE Simulations

* MTM Training

2. Wellness and Patient Care Service * Start working and talking to patients face‐to‐face (outside of an OSCE or other assessment)

*Health fairs (including health screenings, vaccinations,

and medication information teaching/"Brown Bag"sessions)

* Drug disposal day

* Other wellness clinics

* Medical mission trip

* Free clinic volunteering

Required (1) Required (1) Required (1)
3. Legislative Advocacy

* Learn the process of how healthcare evolves

* Learn how pharmacists (and the students) can make an impact

* Attend state‐wide Legislative/White Coat Days (e.g. Albany Day)

* Attend caucus/delegate meetings at professional meetings

* On‐campus legislative events (local politicians, summary of staten and national legislation)

Required (1)


4. Leadership and Professional Service 

* Start giving back to the profession

* See how professional societies work

* Develop leadership skills within the profession

* Professional organization leadership

* Class elected official

* School or University Committee Member

* Student organization committee chair

* Dean Student Ambassador

* Representing UB in the National/State

* Professional Competitions (NCPA Business

* Plan Competition, ACCP Clinical Skills

* Competition, APhA Counseling Competition,

* Compounding Competition, PSSNY Self Care

* OTC Competition, PSSNY Business Plan)

* Phi Lamda Sigma National Leadership Challenge Program

* Walmart Scholar

* Elected official of a student organization (pharmacy or campus‐wide)

* Participate in admissions interviews

* Volunteer at professional meetings

* Attend a local professional society meeting


Required (1)

* Business Plan and Reflection of Readings

5. Healthcare‐Related Community Service/Philanthropy

* Contribute to patient care as a member of the community

* Be a role model for friends and family to contribute to patient care

* Community health outreach (Generation Rx, Vial of LIFE, Falls Risk, Operation Diabetes, Operation Immunization, Operation Heartburn, Operation Heart, Operation OTC)

* Volunteerism

* Healthcare‐related fundraising

* Health‐related community service (e.g., Bone

* Marrow Donor Registry, Refuge Education)

* Health education to children

* Healthcare‐related fundraising walks/runs

* Bone marrow donor programs

Required (1)

* Participate in the Annual UBSPPS Poison Prevention Program group activity

6. Elective (i.e. additional experiences from Categories 1‐5) Explore additional activities related to individual student's interests   0 2 2