Course Waivers

Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Students

Students are allowed to transfer up to 36 qualified credit hours in fulfillment of their PhD requirements, subject to approval of the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). However, such transfer credits are included within the 72 credit hours of tuition waiver. Thus, students who transfer credits may run the risk of not having enough “tuition-waiveable” credit hours to take electives. It is therefore more advisable to seek a departmental waiver of the relevant course requirements (when you have already taken equivalent courses outside UB), rather than officially transfer such credit into your PhD dossier. The Director of Graduate Studies may grant such waivers.

PharmD Students

Students may be waived from courses, listed below. Only UB courses are considered. Courses will not count towards Pharmacy GPA.


UB students who earned a B or better in Principles of Pharmacology I (PMY 405) will be automatically waived from PMY 511; students who earned a B or better in Principles of Pharmacology II (PMY 406) will be automatically waived from PMY 512.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Students who completed any of the following PHC dual-listed courses may be eligible for a waiver:

PHC 401/501 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PHC 417/517 Pharmacogenomics
PHC 409/529 Pharm Calculations
PHC 410/530 Physical Pharmacy
PHC 411/531 Introduction to Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics I

Grade requirements:

  • C- or lower: must repeat the course at the graduate level
  • C, C+, or B-: eligible for a waiver, but have the option to retake the course at the graduate level
  • B or better: automatically waived and do not have the option to retake the course. Students may audit the course if they wish.

Important Notes

  • Courses taken outside of UB will not be considered.
  • Students who earned a B or better cannot repeat the course(s) for a grade, but may audit the course. An audited course carries no weight and does not count as attempted or accumulated hours. A student wishing an “audit” grade must officially register for the course and submit a written request to the instructor by the fourth week of class. The instructor’s decision is final and needs to be communicated to the student in writing.
  • Coursework taken prior to entering the PharmD program will not be included in the Pharmacy GPA. The course(s) are not included on the pharmacy transcript (they remain on the undergraduate transcript) unless a student completed a Petition for Outside Career form as an undergraduate prior to registering for the course. Regardless, the GPA’s used for Academic Progression, Dean’s List, and Scholarship purposes are taken from the AAR (not the Pharmacy Transcript).