Courtney Cardinal, PharmD '17


Matched as a PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center in Niagara Falls, NY 

“My experience at UB allowed me the opportunities and stepping stones that I needed to be where I am at today.”

Depew, NY 

Why did you choose pharmacy?
I chose pharmacy because I wanted to be able to talk to patients, build a trust between us and truly impact their lives and their health.  I also have a passion for teaching student pharmacists and allowing them to grow throughout their pharmacy journey just like I did.

Describe your experience at the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences:
My experience at UB allowed me the opportunities and stepping stones that I needed to be where I am at today. From the rigorous coursework, to the research opportunities, to the variety of extracurricular activities available, I was able to become a well-rounded candidate for my residency program.

What are you doing after graduation?
I will be rounding with an interprofessional team during the required rotations of internal medicine, emergency medicine, and infectious disease as well as within an ambulatory outpatient care clinic. In addition, I will have academia opportunities such as teaching large lectures and practicums and also a continuous research project throughout the residency. 

How did UB SPPS help you attain this position?
I was accepted into the Scholars Program at UB, which provided me a fantastic mentor and research project that I worked on for a few years to help shape me into a great residency candidate. In addition, the clinical knowledge that I gained throughout my didactic years at UB gave me a great therapeutic foundation that I will be taking with me into my residency.

Advice for future UB SPPS students:
Get involved and stay open-minded. You will continue to grow throughout your pharmacy journey at UB so join an organization, ask for help when needed, and find your passion as you go through your pharmacy years.