PharmD/MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences offers collaborative programs that involve advanced coursework and intense graduate level research training in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. The PharmD/MS is typically five years.

The programs integrate the skills and knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice with a focus on cutting-edge research for the development of treatments to prevent disease and improve health.

Career Opportunities

Prepares students for research positions in...

  • Pharmaceutical companies in areas of drug development and clinical application
  • Academia
  • Research institutes
  • Federal and other regulatory agencies

How to Apply

You should first apply to the PharmD program. Once accepted, plan to apply online a PharmD/MS program in the fall of the P2 year. Students interested in the program after their P2 year may be eligible to apply.  

  • Apply to the MS program during or after the second professional (P2) year by February 15. P3's and P4's may be considered.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the required courses of the PharmD program at the end of the second professional (P2) year. Students should not have been on academic probation for any semester in the PharmD program.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • Research experience is desirable. Students should identify a faculty mentor in the Pharmaceutical Sciences prior to application.
  • Note: Bachelor’s degree waived for PharmD candidates. 

Questions about the MS portion of the program?

- Pharmaceutical Sciences: Dr. Murali Ramanathan or 716-645-4846
- Pharmacometrics and Personalized Pharmacotherapy: Dr. Don Mager or 716-645-2903