Graduate Curriculum

Overview of Courses

This is a snapshot and general overview of the graduate courses offered in the department. Courses are being constantly revised and updated. Courses and course times may change without notice. Refer to the Class Schedules for course offerings.

Semester Class # Class Title Faculty Credits
Fall (even) PHC 500 Basic Drug Development Shah, Dhaval 2
Fall PHC 501   Pharmaceutical Chemistry

You, Youngjae

Fall, Spring PHC 502   Sem Sel Pharmaceutics Top Staff 1-3
Spring PHC 504   Computational Basis of Pharmacometrics Krzyzanski, Wojciech 2
Spring PHC 506   Biometry in Phc Sci Bies, Robert 3
Fall (odd) PHC 508   Drug Delivery: Principles and Applications Straubinger, Robert 3
Fall (even) PHC 509   Pharmacogenomics for Pharmaceutical Sciences Blanco, Javier   2
Spring PHC 510   Pharmaceutical Analysis Qu, Jun 3
Fall, Spring PHC 511   Research Proposal Various 3
Fall, Spring PHC 512   Pharmacometric Software Krzyzanski, Wojciech 1
Fall PHC 517   Pharmacogenomics Blanco, Javier   2
Fall PHC 529   Pharm Calculations Ramanathan, Murali 3
Spring PHC 530   Physical Pharmacy Straubinger, Robert 3
Fall PHC 531   Introduction to Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics I Sprowl, Jason
Spring PHC 532   Intro Pharmacokin Bioph 2 Shah, Dhaval 3
Fall (even) PHC 539   Protein Pharmaceuticals Balu-Iyer, Sathy 2
Spring PHC 543   Molecular Genetic Methods TBD 1
Fall PHC 588   Faculty Research Seminar Chau, Robert 1
Fall, Spring PHC 599   Supervised Teaching Ramanathan, Murali 1-4
Fall PHC 607   Intermed Pharmacokinetics Balthasar, Joseph   3
Spring  PHC 608   Advanced Pharmacokinetics Mager, Donald 3
Spring (odd) PHC 609   Advanced Pharmacodynamics Gallo, James 3
Spring PHC 610   Population Pk-Pd Modeling Fiedler-Kelly, Jill or Bies, Robert 2
Fall PHC 613   Pharmaceutics Seminar Varies each year 1
Spring PHC 614   Pharmaceutics Seminar Varies each year 1
Fall PHC 615   Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Various 1-18
Spring PHC 616   Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences Various 1-6
Fall (odd) PHC 630   Drug Metabolism and Transport Morris, Marilyn 3
Fall, Spring, Summer PHC 816   Pharmaceutics Research Elective Varies 6