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Graduate Programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Applicants are attracted to our cutting‐edge Pharmaceutical Sciences undergraduate (BS and BS/MS) and graduate (MS and PhD) programs. Depending on individual progress, the MS degree is normally completed in 2 years and the PhD in 4-6 years beyond the undergraduate degree. The accelerated BS/MS is a total of 5 years.

If you are interested in combining chemistry, biology, mathematics and computer science with human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry to develop treatments that prevent disease and improve health, a pharmaceutical sciences degree is for you.

Program Overviews

Prepare yourself for a career in in research, industry, education, and medical settings.

Advance your training in pharmaceutical research, such as pharmacometrics, a new field that fuses pharmacologic studies with computational and statistical methods of data analysis.

Our accelerated program graduates are highly sought after by pharmaceutical companies.

We offer programs that involve advanced coursework and graduate level research training:

Additional Information

UB's Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers graduate programs providing instruction and research training in diverse aspects of drug action including drug discovery to various elements of drug evaluation. These subjects are examined at the molecular, genomic, biochemical, biological, and clinical levels through an interdisciplinary curriculum that is individualized to the needs of each incoming student.

The program includes laboratory and clinical research in the areas of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacometrics, pharmacogenomics, dosage form design, physiochemical and biological aspects of drug action, drug metabolism, and drug toxicity.

Admission is awarded on a competitive basis to qualified applicants. Selection is based on scholastic achievement, aptitude, personal qualifications, and evidence of motivation toward pharmaceutical sciences. These are judged from the college record, grade point average, application, and letters of reference. In addition to intellectual and academic competence, the School's Admissions Committee considers communication skills, leadership ability, community service, research experience, and motivation for pursuing a career in pharmaceutical sciences. UB SPPS is committed to a nondiscriminatory admission policy and philosophy. In accordance with federal and state laws, no person, in whatever relationship with the University at Buffalo, shall be subject to discrimination on the basis of age, religion or creed, color, disability, national origin, race, ethnicity, sex, marital or veteran status.

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