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Program Registration

By registering now you are ensuring you will have a place in your preferred module. More importantly it is the first step towards strengthening your job security. With thousands of new pharmacists graduating every year it is imperative that current pharmacists take steps to secure their own future. The CanceRxCE™ Oncology Certificate specifically for community pharmacists is a great way to do that, and right now it is FREE.

If you are not sure whether or not you will be eligible to participate in the FREE CanceRxCE™program take this registration survey. If you are eligible it will allow you to select your module preference and register right away.

Not eligible for the free program?

If you are not eligible for the free program we are excited to now be offering 2 paid options. The entire CanceRxCE™ Oncology Certificate Program is available for $350 USD. This includes all 30 Homestudy and 10 Live Continuing Education hours.

The second option is all 30 Homestudy Continuing Education hours for $150 USD. Note that this does not include the 10 Live Continuing Education hours.

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