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Free Online Oncology Certificate Program for Community Pharmacists

CanceRxCE™ is the first ACPE accredited program of its kind and we are excited to make it available to you.

Eligible participants can receive up to 40 continuing education hours, including 10 live, all for free. Successful completion of all 40 hours will result in the awarding of an Oncology Practice-Based CPE activity certificate, previously named Certificate Program in Pharmacy. Pharmacists not elligible for the free program are invited to participate in the paid programs and are still eligible to earn the Oncology Practice-Based CPE activity certificate.

Having the highest cancer survivor density in the United States, the New York City region faces an unprecedented necessity to accomodate the tidal shift of cancer care from hospitals into the community. The limited access to specialized oncology services makes cancer survivors the stakeholders with the most vested interest in the current employer-driven pharmacy job market. Their pharmacotherapy needs far exceed the professional competence of any other provider than community pharmacists. For this reason, pharmacists' ability to provide integrated pharmaceutical care to cancer survivors in the community setting may soon become key to job safety.

With this in mind, CanceRxCE™ focuses on helping community pharmacists build the foundation and develop the skills needed to ensure drug safety and the best treatment outcomes in these patients.

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